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From your portal to our press

The latest Web 2 Print software has evolved into a comprehensive marketing platform or marketing hub. Introducing our “all in one” brand-marketing hub, focused on getting the right message on the right document at the right time.

The brand-marketing hub is cloud based technology that automates marketing documents, empowering marketers to create and distribute marketing materials on brand, on demand, with guaranteed version control. Smart editable templates control your guidelines, images, tone of voice, layouts and anything that really matters to your brand.

The brand-marketing hub delivers 6 key benefits to Marketing Departments:

  • Save Time – so marketers can focus on bigger projects that drive revenues and profit
  • Reduce Costs – avoid external design costs and agency costs
  • Manage Compliance – with robust artwork version control
  • Brand Control – ensuring consistency across the business
  • Empower Users – to personalise, customise and localise
  • Achieve faster time to market – through self-service rather than central control

Templates can be accessed 24/7 by multiple users, across multiple departments and locations via mobile, tablet, laptop & desktop.

Smart editable templates:

Users can change text, images and graphics to suit their target audience

Static templates:

Version-controlled PDF artwork for marketing collateral

Static templates with stock control:

Manage stocks of marketing collateral & promotional products

We can create Smart templates for litho print, digital print, large format print, digital display, web banners, email, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and many more making it much more than a conventional web to print platform

Users can view a PDF Preview at the click of a button and then order a print job, order a stock item or download a digital document as appropriate.

If required, you can set up an Approval Workflow and nominate an approver to check items ordered by users.

We provide brand-marketing hubs as a managed service. We’ll build the templates and sort the back office, leaving you to focus on your business.

So, whether you’re looking for a marketing platform, marketing hub or marketing portal contact our Web 2 Print Specialist today for more information:

Ian Jackson
07973 188 329